Our journal's honorary editors, Elizabeth Waterston, Mary Rubio, and Elizabeth Epperly, are pioneering L.M. Montgomery scholars, whose work has made the launch of a journal dedicated to Montgomery possible.

To honour these scholars' field-founding contributions to Montgomery's legacy in both the academy and their communities, Heidi Haering, L.M. Montgomery Institute Research Assistant, created a video for the SSHRC Storytellers competition, which she describes as follows: 

"A new generation of Montgomery academics, writers, and enthusiasts can now contribute to and reference the Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies. This journal is the culmination of decades of work by pioneering Montgomery scholars, the journal’s honorary editors: Elizabeth Waterston, Mary Rubio, and Elizabeth Epperly. These three scholars saw unwavering value in Montgomery’s work even though some literary critics did not. This video tells the story of the growth of Montgomery scholarship that will continue with this journal. It also highlights why Montgomery and her work are more relevant than ever." 

Join us in celebrating our honorary editors by watching the video "Origins: The Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies."


Acknowledgement: Banner image derived from Signed portrait of L.M. Montgomery. 1935. Kindred Spaces. 946 SI Photograph ca. 1935 version. Web.