Aims and Scope

The Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies is the only journal dedicated to L.M. Montgomery (1874–1942). One of the world’s most enduring writers, Montgomery is the author of Anne of Green Gables, among nineteen other novels, as well as hundreds of short stories and poems. She also composed letters, journals, and scrapbooks. The Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies is a refereed, open-access digital space. Its mandate is to publish intriguing, highly original, rigorously researched scholarship on all aspects of L.M. Montgomery’s life, influences, creative work, and legacy. The journal’s scope is interdisciplinary and international. The journal is aimed at Montgomery scholars and the broad community of Montgomery enthusiasts. The journal is the official scholarly publication of the L.M. Montgomery Institute (LMMI) at the University of Prince Edward Island. The L.M. Montgomery Institute Management Committee establishes the journal's focus and scope and appoints the editorial board. The editorial board is responsible for all editorial decisions.

The journal has a continuous publication schedule and accepts submissions year-round. Any material submitted to be considered for publication in the Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies will be automatically assumed a) not to have been published before and b) not to be under consideration for publication in any other venue at the time of submission to the Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies.

Articles are published online and will be available on the journal website. Periodically, hard copies of a series of articles, such as those associated with LMMI biennial conferences, will be made available for purchase via print on demand.

Publication Types

The Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies includes different publication types. Peer-reviewed scholarship includes scholarly articles, audio/visual art, and creative writing. Non-peer-reviewed scholarship includes interviews, presentations, notes, and notices. The journal welcomes submissions of other publication types; with adequate scholarly contextualization, items normally not peer reviewed (for example, interviews or presentations) could undergo peer review at the editors’ discretion.


Articles are critical pieces (maximum 8,000 words in length at submission) that are the result of sustained scholarly engagement with a Montgomery-related topic. Articles are subject to peer review. The journal is open to scholarship from a range of methodologies, including, but not limited to, critical, comparative, biographical, and archival approaches.

The journal strives to take advantage of our digital environment by incorporating multimedia (photography, audio, video) to accompany articles where this would add value. The editors encourage, but certainly do not require, accompanying multimedia with text-based submissions. Contributors are also welcome to submit their own multimedia; however, at the editors’ discretion, an article may be accepted without its accompanying multimedia (in whole, or in part) depending on issues such as copyright and fit (with both the journal and the content of the individual article). In some cases, the editorial board may work with contributors to create a media compilation that best complements their article; journal-led multimedia compilation would take place after an article has undergone peer review and been accepted by the journal.

Audio/visual art (for example, music, photography, drawing, painting, film)

Original, unpublished audio/visual works of art relating to Montgomery’s life, works, legacy, or a combination of these are accepted for peer review. One submission to the journal will consist of up to six pieces of still visual art (photography, drawing, painting) or up to one hour of audio or video.  

Creative writing (for example, fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction)

Original, unpublished creative writing relating to Montgomery’s life, works, legacy, or a combination of these is accepted for peer review. Fan fiction will be considered for publication. One submission of prose (fiction or non-fiction) may have a maximum word count of 3,000 at the time of submission. One submission of poetry will consist of up to six poems, or three to five pages at submission, whichever is less.

Notices: new books and resources

On an ongoing basis, the journal publishes online bibliographical notices of the latest Montgomery-related publications and resources. Let us know if you have completed a new book or resource to feature in this section. Notices are not ordinarily subject to peer review.


The notes section of the journal is a place to share a short message with the Montgomery community and will not ordinarily be subject to peer review. Information considered for publication as a note could include a short description of an archival discovery or a commentary on an interesting fact or finding. These are pieces that better fit a shorter format than a full-length scholarly article. Notes are a maximum 2,000 words in length at submission.


The Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies levies no charges for the online version, which contains full text of all materials. There are no article processing charges (APCs) or article submission charges.

More Montgomery Material: KindredSpaces.ca

In addition to the Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies, the L.M. Montgomery Institute hosts KindredSpaces, a repository of Montgomery-related material. This non-peer-reviewed forum hosts digital articles, books, poetry, short fiction, and artifacts, including digital versions of rare and first editions. KindredSpaces welcomes suggestions of items to include in its repository; the L.M. Montgomery Institute considers donated material for digitization and inclusion in KindredSpaces.


Questions about publication types and the submission and review process can be directed to the journal at montgomeryjournal@upei.ca.