We’ve celebrated our honorary patron, Jane Urquhart, our honorary editors, Dr. Elizabeth Waterston, Dr. Mary Rubio, and Dr. Elizabeth Epperly, and our consulting editors, Dr. Jean Mitchell and Dr. Laura Robinson. Over the next weeks and months, we’ll be highlighting the other 31 members of our interdisciplinary, international editorial board (stayed tuned!). To give you a sense of our editorial board, we asked members a series of questions. One question was: what excites you about being a journal editorial board member? Here are the answers (and editorial board members if you haven't had a chance to answer our questions, it's not too late! Email Alyssa at montgomeryjournal@upei.ca):


Idette Noome: Being a board member is exciting because of the amazing contacts with top LMM scholars and the cutting edge of LMM research in a constructive and nurturing environment of wonderful (and rare) academic generosity which welcomes both established and new scholars in the field to bring new insights into LMM's life and work.

Rita Bode: This journal is the beginning of a great venture that provides a space for scholarship to go in exciting new directions with Montgomery, her place in literary studies, in relations to various literary traditions, critical trends and theories – endless possibilities that will continue to expand the scholarship on Montgomery and her work.

Caroline E. Jones: I'm excited about seeing the many, many types, formats, shapes, and directions people are going with Montgomery's work. I'm thrilled to be part of a journal that provides a forum for creative and reflective responses to and analyses of her work, as well as scholarly work.

Yuka Kajihara-Nolan: As for your request for what excites me about being a board member, what excites me is that I am able to help people understand and learn more about LMM from the perspective of a LMM enthusiast, particularly one who is familiar with LMM's fans in Japan. Since 2014 I have been giving annual talks to audiences across Japan about LMM which have been well received, and I am deeply aware of Anne's on-going popularity in Japan.

Deirdre Kessler: There clearly is and has been high and unflagging interest in Montgomery studies; as a journal editorial board member I can participate formally in selecting contributions to Montgomery studies and stay au courant with subjects of interest to present-time readers, scholars, and artists.


 Acknowledgement: Banner image of Meet the Editorial Board. Alyssa Gillespie, 2019. Image of PEI Lilacs. Anne Victoria Photography, 2018.