In the report on the L.M. Montgomery Institute’s Mentorship Program that I published on the Vision Forum in June 2020, I wrote: “The openness and camaraderie of the Montgomery community have always fostered informal mentorship, but the aim of this program is to formalize it somewhat to ensure that emerging scholars at different stages of their careers and from different geographical and educational backgrounds are matched with mentors who can provide input on their scholarly work, in particular 2020 conference and forum material; help give direction for scholarship and career opportunities; and establish a long-term contact to whom the mentee can turn for advice, support, and even recommendations.”

While this one-on-one mentorship continues in various ways, we plan on enhancing the program with a new feature to be published on the JLMMS’s news platform from early January to the end of June, 2021. Every other week, mentors, experts in their field, will provide advice on a range of topics; the topic will be announced the preceding week in the form of a succinct tip. The following will be covered:

  • Accessing Montgomery archival and special collections material
  • Crafting a conference proposal
  • Putting together and proposing a panel
  • Proposing a workshop or special event
  • Crafting a biographical statement
  • Preparing to present a conference paper
  • Revising a conference paper for publication
  • Copyright/Permissions/Creative Commons
  • Responding to peer reviews
  • Proposing/Co-editing a journal collection
  • Beyond peer-reviewed scholarly articles
  • Elizabeth Epperly Early Career Paper Award: What it is, and how to self-nominate.

Submitted by Lesley Clement

Next (January 18, 25): “Accessing Montgomery archival and special collections material” by Simon Lloyd

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