What place do Prince Edward Island and L.M. Montgomery have in your imagination?


Does PEI exist as a memory of a vacation long ago, is it a place you call home, or is it a destination you anticipate exploring in the future?
Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies want to know what draws you to PEI and what role L.M. Montgomery plays in your attraction to the Island.

Whether you are an avid fan, a new reader, or a scholar, we want to hear about your relationship with L.M. Montgomery and PEI.  Below are a set of questions to guide you in your reflection. Feel free to answer one or many. Your answers may be displayed in a Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies news series this summer called ‘Visiting L.M. Montgomery’s Island’ where PEI, and all its charm, will be highlighted.  

  • Have you been to PEI? Or are you planning to visit?
  • What description of PEI by Montgomery do you think best describes the Island?

  • What drew/draws you to PEI?
  •  What are you hoping to see/do while on PEI? 

  • How have Montgomery’s works influenced your perception of PEI or expectations of PEI? Do you think PEI fulfills these expectations?

  • For those living on PEI, what is the most exciting thing to do on PEI while following COVID-19 restrictions?
  •  Describe your experience visiting PEI and the relationship you have with Montgomery.
  • Explain what you are expecting upon visiting PEI, and what you are looking forward to doing/seeing once you are here.
  • Describe the things you are excited for when you return to PEI.

  • Have you attended the L.M. Montgomery Institute conference?
  •  Did attending the conference change how you viewed PEI? 

  • How does the LMMI conference showcase PEI’s attractions?

What would you recommend for others visiting for the LMMI conference to do in their spare time to get the most out of the Island? The next LMMI conference on “L.M. Montgomery & Vision” (#LMMI2022) is coming up on June 22-26, 2022, with the Call for Papers’ deadline on August 15, 2021. 

Please forward your answers to Sarah Freeburn at lmmiassistant@upei.ca on or before August 2nd, 2021 for the possibility of being included in the series. Feel free to include your name (first, or first and last), and your location (province/state/country), with your answers.


This series is hosted by the Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies, which is published by the L.M. Montgomery Institute and the Robertson Library at the University of Prince Edward Island.