The Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies welcomes student assistant Austen Clayton! Austen is currently in the midst of his final year as an Honours English student at UPEI.

How did you first encounter L.M. Montgomery?

I was introduced to Montgomery when I was around six years old and my mother took me to see a production of Anne of Green Gables: The Musical at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. I was amazed by the performance and captivated by the story, and I sat on the edge of my seat in rapt attention the entire time. This experience led to a lifelong connection with the Anne story as well as with the Confederation Centre theatre, where I now work part time as a front-of-house employee. 

Who is your favourite L.M. Montgomery character, and why?

As an introvert myself, I feel particularly drawn to Matthew Cuthbert and his quiet gentleness. I admire how deeply he cares for his loved ones and celebrates Anne’s youthful joy. I strive to emulate these characteristics in my own life. 

What excites you about working with the Journal? 

Literature and writing have always been my passions, and my English degree at UPEI has only increased my interest in storytelling and scholarship, so I am thrilled to have this opportunity to experience another facet of the literary world. A personal goal of mine is to obtain a master’s degree in archival studies, so I am interested in the documentation and preservation of written work through the Journal

Banner Image: Derived from the cover of The Star Monthly Vol. IX, no. 9, April 1903., P244 STM 1903.04 S.

Austen Clayton
Photo of Austen Clayton