We’ve celebrated our honorary patron, Jane Urquhart, our honorary editors, Dr. Elizabeth Waterston, Dr. Mary Rubio, and Dr. Elizabeth Epperly, and our consulting editors, Dr. Jean Mitchell and Dr. Laura Robinson. Over the next weeks and months, we’ll be highlighting the other 31 members of our interdisciplinary, international editorial board . To give you a sense of our editorial board, we asked members a series of questions.

In advance of Valentine's Day on Friday, we'll focus on love. We asked editorial board members a series of questions relating to love and friendship of many kinds in LMM's works. Below are their responses. What do you say? Let us know on social media tagging @LMMI_UPEI and using the hashtag #LMMJournalWednesdays


Who's your favourite fictional Montgomery duo/couple?

Rita Bode: Marilla and Matthew.

Brenton Dickieson: John Meredith and his first wife.

Idette: Valancy and Barney (The Blue Castle).

Melanie: Barney and Valancy


Who's your favourite love interest?

Brenton: Anne and Roy--just joking! Probably Captain Jim's lost love.

Melanie Fishbane: Gilbert Blythe (of course) — close second is Barney Snaith.

Idette Noome: Jingle = Hilary Gordon (Pat of Silver Bush).


Who's your favourite kindred spirit?

Caroline: Ilse, because she has a strong personality--I'd love to read an Ilse-centered story (fan-fic, anyone?).

Idette: Cousin Jimmy (Emily of New Moon).

Melanie: Isle.

Brenton: Father Cassidy.