You may be wondering how we move away from the “Visiting L.M. Montgomery’s Island” series and back into our everyday lives, where Montgomery and the red roads of Prince Edward Island are lacking. One way to conclude is outlined by Anne Louise Mahoney, who eloquently describes some of the ways that you can “visit” L.M. Montgomery’s Island without ever leaving the house:

I’ve encountered a few online communities with a focus on our beloved Maud. In addition to rereading her many novels and short stories, I’ve been delving into critical works that explore fascinating themes and undercurrents. During the pandemic, I found myself collecting early hardcover McClelland and Stewart editions of the rest of the Anne series, plus a few other favourites from Montgomery’s pen. I treasure these links to her writing and am thankful for the many literary companions she has brought into my life. I can’t wait until travel is safe again and I can spend some time in Prince Edward Island—roaming the red roads, walking the beaches, strolling through Charlottetown, enjoying wonderful meals and feeling like Maud is just around the next corner. 

Thank you again to all those who participated in the series!

Montgomery’s influence on the Island, as well as those who visit, is made obvious through the incredibly detailed first-hand accounts that were submitted.