Marigold loved winter, too, with the mysterious silence of its moonlit snow-fields and the spell of its stormy skies."

--Magic for Marigold, Chapter 3.7

What's New This Season?

book cover with an illustration of a woman and young boy standing in the snow
Ania z Avonlea (Polish edition of Anne of Avonlea, 1957). KindredSpaces.

New Publications

Montgomery & Vision

Montgomery & Mental Health

International Notes on L.M. Montgomery


In Progress & Ongoing

L.M. Montgomery: Vistas Collection

Online: ongoing


L.M. Montgomery & Re-vision Collection, 2022

Online: in progress

Print: in progress

black and white image of Montgomery seated in a kitchen


International Notes on L.M. Montgomery, 2022-23

Online: ongoing

Black-and-white book cover with Anne in braids and straw hat.


L.M. Montgomery & Mental Health Collection, 2021

Online: ongoing


L.M. Montgomery & Vision Collection, 2020

Online: ongoing

Print: in progess

Book cover of Anne of Green Gables. Anne is centred, wearing a white dress and hat sitting on boxes. The background is yellow



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