This selection of poems represents a dialogue with the creative works and life of L.M. Montgomery.


A Lovely View

“I have a great big room … commanding a lovely view of the bay.”

“There seemed to be an abundance—not of color but of the spirit of color.”1

Photo of a lace-curtained framed window overlooking a bay with an oil lamp and quill on the desk in front of it.
The window in Maud’s room at the Bideford Parsonage. Photo by Julie A. Sellers.


The arched window

frames the silent bay,

lacy curtains a breath

in this stillness

where eyes and hearts and souls

have sought to see

Maud’s lovely view,

the spirit of shifting hues

in fields and waters,

the reflection of ourselves

in the old panes

and her words.


The Light in the Window

Anne’s window frames the lamp’s reflected glow

and each one who’s ever dreamed

of seeing words made real.

Photo of an oil lamp on a stand at a mullioned window framed in pale green curtains with a pink geranium beside it.
The lamp in Anne’s window at Green Gables. Photo by Julie A. Sellers.


The Good Stars2


She weaves her dreams

of home, a bosom friend,

what might await around the bend,

hope in mistake-free days,

finds wealth in silver seas agleam

and awe in the White Way.

She lives daydreams.



Her temper flares

at injustice and slights,

and some internal spark ignites.

A fiercely loyal friend—

cracked slates and ridgepole walking dares—

a spirit that defends

honour and hair.



Her inner light—

elusive as sea’s hues

and dryads’ footprints in the dew,

the laughter of the brook,

and fireflies dancing in the night—

shines when her bright eyes look

with kindred sight.

Landscape photo of a sandy shore with grass in the foreground and a sea with windswept waves under a clear blue sky.
The North Shore, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. Photo by Julie A. Sellers.



A Golden Shovel Poem after L.M. Montgomery’s “Air Castles3


Kindred spirits, may you always see marble halls in

cherry trees, feel peace as you follow my

words, tread a path beneath skies clear and fair;

may you build your own blue castle,

and feel the sparkling flash of

inspiration, know the joy of recognition, sense the

hint of sweet narcissus on the air.

Photo of a bronze statue of L.M. Montgomery sitting on a bench, face upturned, with a book in her lap, and two cats nearby.
A Glimpse of Beauty, Statue of L.M. Montgomery in Montgomery Park, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. Conceptual Design by Grace Curtis. Sculpture and casting by Nathan Scott. Photo by Julie A. Sellers.


About the Author: Julie A. Sellers is the author of the novel Ann of Sunflower Lane (Meadowlark Press, 2022) and Kindred Verse: Poems Inspired by Anne of Green Gables (Blue Cedar Press, 2021). She has published three academic monographs on Dominican music and identity, and her creative prose and poetry have appeared in publications such as Journal of L.M. Montgomery Studies, Kansas City Voices, 105 Meadowlark Reader, Cagibi, Wanderlust, The Very Edge, Unlost, and Kansas Time + Place. Julie was the Kansas Author’s Club’s Prose Writer of the Year (2020, 2022), and the Kansas Voices Contest Overall Winner in Poetry (2022) and Prose (2017, 2019). Julie is Professor and Chair of the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.

  • 1 Montgomery, CJ 1 (3 Aug. 1894): 231; CJ 1 (24 Jan. 1895): 258 (emphasis in original).
  • 2 The Star Sevlin is a nonce form of shape poetry invented by Viola Berg. Its seven lines imitate the shape of a star.
  • 3 Montgomery published “Air Castles” under a pseudonym, Joyce Cavendish, in The Story Paper (24 Sept. 1904). A copy of the poem appears opposite the copyright page in Elizabeth Rollins Epperly’s Imagining Anne: The Island Scrapbooks of L.M. Montgomery by Elizabeth Rollins Epperly (Penguin, 2008).
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