In celebration of the launch of the Gaelic translation of Anne of Green GablesAnna Ruadh, Bradan Press is hosting a virtual cèilidh. You are invited to join translator Mòrag Anna NicNèill and editor Emily McEwan for this online event featuring readings from the new translation, parallel readings from the original in English, a chat with illustrator Etta Moffatt, and a wealth of Gaelic music: songs, puirt-á-beul, and fiddling. The cèilidh will pay tribute to the Gaelic culture of L.M. Montgomery’s Prince Edward Island as it was in 1908 when Anne was first published.

At 7pm, Wednesday, June 24, you can enjoy the event below.


Anna Ruadh
Anna Ruadh. Bradan Press, 2020. All Rights Reserved.



Anna Ruadh Book Launch Cèilidh Program

Prologue - “Fàilte Eilean a’ Phrionnsa” (Welcome to Prince Edward Island), Patricia Murray

Cèilidh Introduction  - Emily McEwan, Bradan Press, Dartmouth, NS

Translator’s Introduction - Mòrag Anna NicNèill, Isle of Barra, Scotland

Gaelic Song - “Fàilte Eilean a’ Phrionnsa” (Welcome to Prince Edward Island), Rob and Catherine MacDonald, Clyde River, PEI

English Reading - Anne of Green Gables Ch. 7, “Anne says her prayers,” Emily McEwan

Gaelic Reading – Anna Ruadh Cb. 7, “Tha Anna a’ dèanamh a h-ùrnaigh,” Mòrag Anna NicNèill

Gaelic Song – “Salm 23” (Psalm 23), Patricia Murray

Interview with the Illustrator – Etta Moffatt and Emily McEwan

Gaelic and Scottish Tunes – “Teannaibh dlùth is togaibh fonn,” “Faili o agus ho ro eile”, “We’re no awa’ tae bide awa’”, “Will ye no come back again?”. Mary “Lighthouse” MacLean and Calum MacLean on Scottish smallpipes and guitar

Gaelic Song – “Fliuch an Oidhche” (Wet is the Night), Catherine Ann MacPhee and friends

Fiddle Tunes  – “Blue Bonnets,” “Piobaireachd Dhòmhnall Dhuibh” [aka Pibroch Donald Dhu], Hailee LeFort and Ward MacDonald

English Reading – Anne of Green Gables Ch. 15, “Carrots!”, Emily McEwan

Gaelic Reading – Anna Ruadh Cb. 15, “Currain!”, Mòrag Anna NicNèill

Gaelic Tune and Song – World premiere of the fiddle tune and Gaelic port-a-beul “Anna Ruadh” composed in honour of the book, Cassie Smith-Christmas

English and Gaelic Readings, Anne of Green Gables / Anna Ruadh Ch. 36, “My girl that I’m proud of” / “An nighean agamsa às a bheil moiteil”, Angus MacLeod

Gaelic and Scottish fiddle tunes, port-a-beul, and stepdance: “Hector the Hero,” “Traditional Strathspey,” “High Road to Linton,” “Muilleann Dubh”, Abby and Ella Hanson

Gaelic Song – “A Ribhinn Òg” (O Young Maiden), The MacDonald Family

Cèilidh Conclusion – “Oidhche Mhath Leibh” (Good Night to You), Emily McEwan

Epilogue and Credits – “Is Grinn ar Eilean Abegweit” (‘Tis Handsome, Our Island Abegweit), Patricia Murray