Tribute to donors. 2020. Video by Simon Lloyd.



About the presenter:

A recovering Nova Scotian, like Anne Shirley, Simon Lloyd came to the University of Prince Edward Island in 1999 to work with the UPEI Robertson Library’s archival and special collections. Since the early 2000s, Simon has had the honour of working in close cooperation with UPEI’s L.M. Montgomery Institute as the Institute’s Montgomery-related research collections and services have expanded dramatically. He also chaired the University’s LMMI Committee from 2001–2007, and was heavily involved in the planning and delivery of several of the Institute’s biennial International conferences (including co-chairing of the 2012 “L.M. Montgomery and Cultural Memory” conference). Recognizing the importance of online access to the LMMI research collections, Simon helped plan and implement the digital portal in 2016, and remains actively involved with the management and growth of kindredspaces’ online collections. Since 2018, Simon has served on the editorial board of the Journal of LM Montgomery Studies.