A Golden Shovel Poem

after L.M. Montgomery’s “The Little Gable Window”


Like an old friend, these pages turn and take me by
the hand, away to Prince Edward Island and the

distant space where I yet dream a little.
Maud’s signal beckons from Anne’s east gable,

calling through the years with her light in the window.
It blinks across time and space in flashes of

kindred code, a magnet, a beacon that
reaches this dreamer at a window in a Kansas cottage,

scribbling her own purply verses, sending them far,
droplets of light like dandelion seeds borne away.



About the Author: Julie A. Sellers is an Associate Professor of Spanish at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, and a creative writer. A native of Kansas, Julie has travelled extensively in the Americas and Europe. She has twice been the overall prose winner of the Kansas Voices Contest (2017, 2019). Julie’s creative work has appeared in Cagibi, Eastern Iowa Review, Wanderlust, The Write Launch, Kansas Time + Place, and Heartland!. Julie's third academic book, The Modern Bachateros: 27 Interviews (McFarland, 2017), received the Kansas Authors Club 2018 It Looks Like A Million Book Award.

Banner image derived from Anne's Gable Window (2018). J. Seller's personal collection.