You can't judge a book by its cover, but maybe you can judge a cover by its... book? In the second video of our Montgomery series, Dr. Kate Scarth explores some of L.M. Montgomery's book covers and how they evoke a sense of place.

Exploring L.M. Montgomery's Book Covers. Video by Neal Gillis (UPEI Marketing & Communications), April 2020.


Want to learn more? Elizabeth R. Epperly, Jack Hutton, Linda Jackson-Hutton, Christy Woster, and especially Andrea McKenzie have all written about L.M. Montgomery’s book covers.

See, for example, McKenzie’s “Patterns, Power, and Paradox: International Book Covers of Anne of Green Gables across a Century” in Textual Transformations in Children’s Literature: Adaptations, Translations, Reconsiderations, edited by Benjamin Lefebvre (available on Routledge).

To explore the LMM book covers in the L.M. Montgomery Institute's Ryrie-Campbell collection, visit KindredSpaces.ca. KindredSpaces.ca material belongs to the Ryrie-Campbell Collection, generously donated to the LMMI by Dr. Donna Jane Campbell. All books in the video are from the Ryrie-Campbell collection, except Anna Ruadh: Anne of Green Gables in Gaelic, which is courtesy of Emily McEwan at Bradan Press.

Videography and editing by Neal Gillis, Marketing & Communications, UPEI. 

Thanks to Simon Lloyd at UPEI's Robertson Library for advice and access to the Ryrie-Campbell collection. 


About the presenter:

Dr. Kate Scarth is a L.M. Montgomery and Vision conference and forum co-organizer and editor of the Journal of L.M. Montgomery. As the first Chair of L.M. Montgomery Studies at UPEI, she is leading various public engagement and research projects about Montgomery and Atlantic Canadian literature more generally–for example, her project, with Trinna S. Frever, collecting fans’ stories of their relationships with the world of L.M. Montgomery (yourlmmstory.com) and her SSHRC-funded project about literary Halifax.